'Take the toxins out' 5 day challenge!!

Join this 5 day challenge to learn how to break up with sugar for good!! take these measurable steps for lifelong health!


Are you ready to have some fun? Learn some useful stuff? Discover some toxins that may be lurking in your home and harming your health?!

I'm Bri. I'm a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Registered Nurse. I completely changed my health around by eliminating as many common household toxins as possible. Learn more about me here.

Common household toxins that  you and your family are being exposed to every day are linked to every negative health condition. Conditions such as: fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, obesity, reproductive and hormone issues, allergies, asthma, cancer, headaches, autoimmune issues, and more.

You may or may not be experiencing negative health issues currently. Eliminating toxins can both improve negative health issues and act as prevention. Remember, it's easier to prevent illness than it is to cure or treat it!

I'm passionate about helping you understand what these toxins are, how they harm you and your family, how to recognize and eliminate them, and what you can replace them with.

Let's get started!

This 5 day challenge will focus on recognizing and eliminating some common toxins that are in your kitchen. You'll learn some simple actionable tips to get those toxins out!

Make sure to join the Facebook community here. We'll be supporting each other, asking questions, and showing off progress! In this group, I also post a different weekly theme about toxins, how to eliminate them, where they are and what to use to improve your health!


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If you feel that you need more help eliminating toxins or you want some coaching beyond the program, e-mail me at hippiedippiemom@hotmail.com and we can work something out! I want you to succeed just as much as you do!


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