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Why Do We Celebrate With Foods That Make Us Sick?

Why do we celebrate with foods that decrease our quality of life? What are your favorite celebratory foods? Chances are you're thinking of sugary treats, breads, drinks, etc. In today's episode, I share how it doesn't make sense that we celebrate with foods that cause disease. I also share how to have fun at celebrations while still enjoying the food without the disease.

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How to Read Food Labels Better

Learning how to read a food label is a MUST if you want to have more energy, a balanced mood and raise a healthy family! In this episode of The Happy Healthy Mom Podcast, I go section by section of today’s food label to share what’s important and what isn’t.

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#1 Fact to Check Before Using Essential Oils

I love essential oils and can't imagine my life without them! They have become a necessary wellness tool for myself and my family. Over the years that I've been learning more about essential oils, I've noticed that most essential oil brands produce less than stellar products that can actually contribute to poor health. In this episode, I go into the top thing I look for before using essential oils.

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