Why Weight Loss Should NEVER Be Your #1 Goal!

I was recently given the opportunity to guest post at MomLifeCollective.com which is a blog that is 'A contributor based community blog for mom entrepreneurs to find solutions to working from home, being the best mom they can be, and to feel fulfilled with a balanced life between home, life, motherhood, and business'.

I chose to write about weight loss because that is something I hear so many people talking about. So many women want to lose weight! I believe that being skinny or weighing a certain amount has been ingrained in our brain.

This need for weight loss leads us in the totally WRONG direction! I see women taking diet pills, going on crazy diets that don't even make sense (cabbage soup diet anyone?), and even developing an eating disorder.

These poor lifestyle choices also send a bad example to the younger generation!

What if we were to focus on just being healthy? In the post, I share some easy tips to start living a truly healthy lifestyle where weight loss can just naturally happen!

If you’re ready to focus on clearing up that brain fog, click here for the Mom’s Guide to Improving Mood & Memory!

Peace and wellbeing -


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