The One Word You Must Know to Have a Healthy Family

Happy 2018! Let's start the year off right - not with a resolution - but with the intention of being healthy. Let that be your word for the year - intention.

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In this post, I've teamed up with two other awesome mom bloggers to bring you 3 amazing posts and FREE mini e-courses all about living intentionally. Bridget over at teaches us how to intentionally be a happy mom here. Lauren from teaches us how to avoid financial stress here by (you guessed it) being intentional!

Intention is doing things on purpose. But what does that mean and why does it matter when it comes to healthy living?

When I was living my conventionally unhealthy life, just getting through the day all while thinking about crawling back into bed, I was not living intentionally. I wasn't making choices that would guide me to the life I dreamed of.

That dream life is why being intentional with your daily choices is so important. Living on purpose every day is about making small decisions all while having that dream life in mind.


Know your 'Why'

When you make the choice to live a healthy lifestyle, ask yourself why. Then remember your 'why' because it will get you through some sticky situations (ie sugar cravings). Your 'why' is that dream life I mentioned. Do you dream of having energy, getting rid of that brain fog, getting off a medication, loving yourself?

I always suggest to not have weight loss as your 'why'. Corners can be cut to lose weight, then you reach that magic number and go right back to what you were doing before. When you achieve that bigger dream of true health, you'll weigh what you're supposed to weigh.

My 'why' is to never have a migraine again, to never have brain fog so bad that I can't remember what I was saying mid-sentence, and to prevent my daughter from suffering any major illness. To learn more about me and how I got to my happy place, go here.


It's a process

Being intentional with your lifestyle doesn't mean you'll be an expert from the start. It's definitely a process. You've been living your life this way for this many years and it's not going to change over night.

Healthy living has a learning curve, and trying to make too many changes at once can get overwhelming and that overwhelm can set you back.

Find one aspect of your health you want to change, and start to learn about it. What causes it? What can you change in your daily life that can make it better/go away? If you succeed in changing that part of your health, what would that mean for the way you live?


Live on Purpose

Being intentional is about having a purpose behind every decision that you make, every day. Keep your 'why' in mind while you're grocery shopping, preparing meals, buying cleaning products, etc.

Know how food and chemicals in your home are affecting you and your family. Decide what changes you're going to make, and then make them.

Don't be too hard on yourself! You may not make improvements as quickly as you'd hoped, or you might give into a craving, or you might struggle more than you thought, or or or etc.

Shit happens. Now that you're living intentionally - let it go, remember your 'why' and get back to it!

Start living on purpose!

Peace and wellness -


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