The #1 Way to Detox

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure  here .

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure here.

Detoxing has become a craze, I’d even say it’s a fad. Are those ‘detox’ programs or products even good for you? What’s the best way to actually detox?

There’s no question about it, we are inundated with toxins.

And in sticking with true American standards, we want a quick fix.

Detoxing has become a fad that many companies have latched onto to make a quick buck.

The issue is that most ‘detox’ programs and products out there are toxic, and we’re using them to lose weight.

I firmly believe that weight loss should NEVER be our #1 goal and I go more into why here.

Sure you might lose a couple pounds really fast or feel more energy. But that’s usually temporary.

Some detox programs or products can even be dangerous beyond the toxins they’re introducing us to.

This is because they often ask us to do extreme things or take in lots of sugar or restrict or not even eat actual food at all.

I do LOVE that detoxing has become a fad because so many people are realizing that toxins are a serious problem today.

Are you ready for the best way to detox?

Here it is >>>Stop using toxins!<<<


Our body’s are designed to eliminate toxins through our liver, fat cells, poop, pee and sweat, and gut.

We’re overloaded with toxins and we’re passing toxins onto our baby’s in utero because our body just can’t keep up!

Part of the reason why we’re so zapped of energy and in a constant fog is because our body is working so hard all the time trying to get all the toxins out.

So get the toxins out!

Pick one, cleaning products, skin care products and start tossing what is toxic.

If you have no idea where to start, ask yourself these 4 questions:

  • Do you want to/are you able to do a massive overhaul or would it be easier for you to take it one baby step at a time?

  • Do you want to start with small things or with big things? (ie lotion or furniture)

  • Do you want to start out with something that seems easy to your or challenging? What would that be?

  • Is there one item or group of products that has been on your mind to learn more about or to swap out?

I go more in depth about these questions in this video.

No idea what non-toxic products to use in place of the toxic ones? Click here for some of my non-toxic faves.

And of course, if you want to learn more about reducing your toxic load and healing your gut to eliminate brain fog so that you can be an energetic and happy mom send me a DM or a PM.

Remember, as we know better we do better -


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