Non-toxic Christmas gifts for everyone on your list!

This post contains affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure  here .

This post contains affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure here.

Want to give the gift of health to your loved ones this Christmas? You can easily do this by gifting some clean and safe products.

Most of the products available on the market today contain very harmful ingredients and chemicals.

It never fails that every year I say I'm going to be done shopping for Christmas gifts by Thanksgiving, but I have yet to accomplish that :(

This year I did put my foot down with my family that we not buy as many gifts for each other as we normally buy...especially for my 6 year old. That girl has too much stuff already! I have been giving many items away because I want to live more on the minimal side; it's a work in progress.

One lesson I want to teach my daughter is that the holidays (and even birthdays) are not just for presents. The moments and the time with family is by far the most important part of the holidays.

That being said, we will still buy a couple gifts for each other and the kids. To  me the holidays are no exception when trying to be as non-toxic as possible.

So here are some non-toxic gift ideas for the men, women and children in your life who you're buying gifts for.


For the men in your life:

I think guys are so hard to buy for. I tend to buy the same things every year for the men in my life. Here are some non-toxic ideas for those basic man gifts.

  • Cologne - I bought this Black Pepper & Lime cologne for my husband and LOVE the smell of it! It's alcohol, sulfate and paraben free. There are also several more natural options for men's cologne here.

  • Non-toxic water bottle - Soma water bottle: This water bottle is made from shatterproof borosilicate glass and it has a bamboo lid. Soma donates to charity water with every water bottle sold.

  • Organic undies - It may seem silly but our clothes can contain so many toxins, and because our clothes are right on our skin - we start to absorb those toxins within 26 seconds. Here's a brand of organic clothing I like.

  • Meat - this may seem strange, but men love meat right? My husband does, he thinks something is wrong with a meal that doesn't have meat. So get the man in your life some meat! You can have good quality, grass fed, pasture raised, no growth hormones, no antibiotics steaks, porkchops, chicken, bacon, and more delivered right to his front door!

  • Organic Beard Oil - beards are in! Help him keep it neat with beard oil. My husband has a pretty awesome beard going on and he has a beard grooming routine that he takes very seriously! (Shhh don't tell him I told you!)


For the women in your life:

Maybe because I am a woman, I tend to way overbuy for women because I think of things I would like to receive which makes it easy to buy gifts.

  • Perfume - BePureBeauty has several options for natural, non-toxic perfume for women.

  • Clothing - online consignment clothing store, ThredUp. I also like PACT organic clothing. I have some of their leggings and love them! Here are their basic black organic leggings and here are some printed organic leggings.

  • Makeup - BePureBeauty has several different brands of clean makeup and skin care products. They carry my favorite brand of makeup - Alima Pure.

  • Skin care - BeautyCounter has awesome makeup and skincare products that are nontoxic. Read my review of BeautyCounter products here.

  • Coffee cups - JOCO glass coffee cups. Glass cups keep the chemicals associated with plastics away from us while also helping the environment by helping us produce less waste.

  • Yoga mat - Yoga mats get yucky after a while! Get her a new pretty mat!

  • Wine that is organic, low carb, low sugar, low in sulfites and gets delivered to your door! This is truly healthy wine!



For the kids in your life:

  • Clothing - This website has cute brand name kids clothing for awesome prices. BeLoveKids is an online kids boutique store with all organic clothing and everything is so cute!!! When you sign up for their newsletter, you get 20% off. It's for newborn - 4 years (I wish my daughter was still small enough to wear their clothing).

  • Treats - I always like to add treats to the stocking. One great place to get treats that have no refined sugar or artificial flavor/color is at

  • Pajamas - Here are some super cute girls organic PJ's. Here are some awesome boys organic PJ's.

  • Blankets, bibs, burp cloths, car seat covers, washcloths, swaddles - I love all the products from Panchhi! Their products are organic, GOTS certified, infused with herbs, temperature controlling and adorable!

  • Check out this post for awesome non-toxic gift ideas for babies!


For a nice gift for yourself, check out my e-book 'Your Guide to Healthy Holidays'. You CAN have your favorite festive foods without the guilt, weight gain or fatigue.

Now go get that shopping done, relax and have Happy Holidays!.

Peace and wellness -


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