How to Truly Clean Your Bathroom: The Ultimate Guide

There's so much more to having a clean bathroom than giving it a good scrub with cleaning products. 

Is your bathroom full of chemicals or do you have the best non toxic bathroom cleaner, safe makeup, chemical free hair care products?

Our bathroom is not just for showering and using the toilet. We also do our hair and makeup in the bathroom. We apply things like deodorant and feminine care products also. 

These all present opportunities to expose ourselves (and our children, pets, and environment) to toxic chemicals.

Did you know the average woman applies about a dozen different products during the day which exposes us to hundreds of chemicals that contribute to negative health issues such as hormone imbalance, skin issues, cancer, weight gain and more?

I recently had the opportunity to guest post for TheSavvyDreamer which is 'A lifestyle blog about living healthy through mind, body & soul'. 

In this post, I share 8 ways for you eliminate toxins from the items in your bathroom.

I wrote a similar post about easy ways to reduce chemicals in your home. Click here to find 8 more ways to reduce chemicals in your home. 

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