How to Stay Consistent When You're Not Motivated

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure  here .

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure here.

Motivation and willpower can only get us so far when it comes to reaching our goals.

One minute we’re amped up and ready to take major action. The next minute we’re on the couch, eating our fave snack, watching our fave show and feeling guilty as heck for not going for our goals.

This applies to SO many areas in, decluttering, starting a garden, sticking with a self care routine, reading a book, redecorating, finishing projects we've already started, etc.

One question I've been asked a lot recently is 'How can I stay consistent?'

It's really easy to get motivated one minute to make an improvement, but then quickly lose that motivation which leads to no improvements being made.

The perfect example is New Years Resolutions. Millions of people make resolutions and only about 8% keep them.

This is because a lot of us are super motivated to make improvements to our life at New Years, but the motivation quickly fades.

So, here are two tips that I've found have worked time and time again:

1. Have a Why

When you have a Why that means the world to you, that you're passionate about - it is the fuel that keeps you moving forward.

Your Why can't be fluff (ie something you feel you have to do, something you see other's doing, wanting to fit in, etc)

Your Why has to come from deep down. It's personal and very real.

This is what will keep you going on those bad days, the days when you're not motivated, the times when you feel like giving up.

Not sure what your Why is?

Here's one way to find out: sit in a quiet space and picture your BEST life in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. What does it look like?

What makes it your BEST life? What about this version of your life makes it the best? What about it motivates you?

Visualizing your best life and answering the above questions will give you a glimpse of your Why.

I made a short video about this topic here.

2. Take Small Steps

Habits don't change over night. It can take months to change some habits.

Trying to make too many changes at one time (or in a short period of time) can be so overwhelming to some that they end up back at square one.

This can lead to a sense of frustration and a feeling of failure.

With your Why in mind, commit to making 1-2 improvements at a time.

Then give it your all! Once those improvements have become the new habit, move on to the next 1-2 improvements.

Before you know it, you'll have conquered so much and you'll be so proud of yourself!

Do these two steps sound doable?

I mean I know you can do it, but YOU need to know you can achieve your goals and have your best life.

I would love to know what your Why is! If you feel comfortable sharing, please reply to this email and share away.

As we know better, we do better -


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