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There are some affiliate links in this post. I only link to products I recommend, and it's no extra cost to you ;)

There are some affiliate links in this post. I only link to products I recommend, and it's no extra cost to you ;)

If you know me, you know that I love essential oils!! I started using them in 2013 when my daughter had a cold. I saw some info on the Breathe respiratory blend from doTERRA, bought some and haven't stopped using essential oils since!! I have learned so much and now use essential oils every day!!


What is an essential oil?

An essential oil is the volatile compound of a plant. All plants have tiny little sacs on them that contain the essential oil. Try this, grab some fresh herbs or flowers and smell them. Now rub the plant between your fingers and smell again. Notice how much stronger the smell is? That's because you broke some of those tiny sacs and are smelling the essential oils! 'Volatile' means that it evaporates. Essential oils have long been used for their emotional and physical wellness benefits. We'll talk about some easy ways to use essential oils!

Diffuse Essential Oils.

This is the easiest way to use essential oils, and it's the perfect way to start if you're a beginner. DoTERRA has great diffusers, but I use this one (I have three in my house!). Each diffuser is different, so read the manual on the one you purchase; however, most need water (read the manual for the right type of water and amount) and then just add 2-3 drops of essential oil. That's it! Diffusing has aromatherapy benefits, helps to purify the air and you inhale a small amount. You can diffuse Wild Orange or Citrus Bliss for an energizing/uplifting effect, On Guard during cold/flu season to help reduce environmental threats, Lavendar or Serenity for a calming effect, and so many more!


Apply Essential Oils Topically.

Applying essential oils topically is easy and is very physically beneficial. Some oils can be applied "neat" or undiluted, some oils should be diluted if you're applying them to sensitive skin and some definitely need to be diluted. Essential oils that ALWAYS need to be diluted are oregano, cinnamon, cassia, birch, clove, eucalyptus, ginger, lemongrass, peppermint, thyme and wintergreen. When diluting an essential oil, use a carrier oil (ie. fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, etc). Carrier oils 'carry' the essential oil to the skin and are the base oil used to dilute essential oils. Great choices for carrier oils are Fractionated Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil.

Recommended dilution ratios are: Babies 0.3% dilution (1 drop of essential oils in 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil, Children 1.0% dilution (1 drop of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil), Adults 2-4.0% dilution (3-6 drops of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil). All essential oils can be mixed with a carrier oil, and they're just as beneficial as undiluted. The most popular places to places essential oils topically are the bottom of the feet, chest, and along the spine. Make sure to rub them in all the way because they are volatile compounds and will evaporate if not rubbed in.

Adults metabolize essential oils in 3-4 hours and children metabolize them in 2-3 hours. When you have an acute issue going on (ie diarrhea, nausea, runny nose), apply oils every 2-4 hours! When you're not experiencing any unwanted symptoms, you can apply as often as you'd like.


CAUTION: Avoid applying essential oils in eyes, ear canals, or other sensitive areas of the body. If essential oils enter the eye, place a drop of carrier oil (ie. Fractionated coconut oil or almond oil) in the eye and blink until clear. Some essential oils are considered photosensitive so be careful when going in direct sunlight or other sources of UV rays. Photosensitive oils are bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and wild orange (least photosensitive).



Take Essential Oils Internally

Most of doTERRAs essential oils are completely safe to ingest for children and adults. Here's a great article by Dr. Hill discussing the safety of using essential oils internally.You can put 2-3 drops in an empty veggie capsule.  You can also add essential oils to water (or make a cocktail :); lemon is amazing in your water. It's actually a great habit to drink warm water with lemon essential oil and some Himalayan pink salt in it first thing upon waking. This combo helps to hydrate you and get your kidneys and liver going! You can cook with essential oils too! For some yummy recipes go to






Their products work!!! I've witnessed them do amazing things for myself, my friends and my family! I'm sure my friends and family get sick of hearing about them because that's how much I talk about doTERRA!! I trust their products enough to give to my 5 year old. I diffuse oils in her bedroom every night, put them on topically when she starts to not feel well (or if she's been around sick people), and she takes the PB assist Jr (kids probiotics that are delicious!).

I feel that doTERRA offers the purest essential oils! I have done tons of research about this! doTERRA does up to 7 different third party tests on each batch of essential oil in three different levels.

To read more about microbial testing go here. To read more about isotopic analysis go here. To read more about Infrared Spectroscopy go here. To read more about Heavy Metal Testing go here. To read more about Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Analysis go here. To read more about Chirality testing go here. To read more about Organoleptic Testing go here.

They also just launched a new website,, where you can enter the lot number on your essential oil bottle and it will tell you where it came from and the testing that was done on it!

DoTERRA has a lot of humanitarian efforts in effect. They use co-impact sourcing to ensure that the sources of the crops that they get the oils from will be around for a long time. They have a partnership with Choice Humanitarian to help rebuild Nepal. DoTERRA created the Healing Hands Foundation which is a non profit organization that partners with many different organizations. "Healing Hands seeks to bring healing and hope to the world as well as lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately teach impoverished cultures how to be self-reliant."

There are so many more awesome organizations that doTERRA is involved with!


Why I work with doTERRA:

All of the above plus.....Forbes ranked doTERRA number 10 as America's Best Employers of 2016!

They provide sooo much education and support, it's amazing!! They recently started the Empowered Life Series. It's a new set of webinars each month that cover a specific topic. If you miss it on the 'live' date; they archive them so you can always go back to watch them!  In November, they covered Cellular vitality and Energy. In December, they discussed Immune and Respiratory Health. In January, they covered Fitness and Weight Management.

I really feel like I'm helping to make "The World a Better Place One Drop at a Time" :)


Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Members receive 25% off of the retail price of all products! Wellness Advocates are able to earn money when they start to share doTERRA! To learn more about the product or sign up as a Wellness Advocate go to


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