How to have a Healthy Halloween


I had the opportunity to guest post for the super funny and inspirational Nicole at

We're both mom bloggers and Halloween is right around the corner. So what better topic to write about than how to have a healthy Halloween?!

I know we all know that sugar is bad for us, yet we continue to eat it by the boat load! The average American eats 4 pounds of sugar a year!! Sugar is the major cause of every disease as we know it from depression to autoimmune disorders to mood swings to diabetes to high cholesterol to cancer, and everything in between.

I know it's tasty stuff, but why we continue to eat so much of it still baffles me. The possibility of getting cancer cancels out any want I have for the sweet stuff. Seriously, when I think of it that way it's so easy for me to say 'No thank you!'. Check out this website to see just how much sugar is in some common candy. (Don't even get me started on the artificial color and flavor!)

And as NIcole put it - our kids are sweet enough!

Check out the full post here. Find 3 easy ways to reduce your kids sugar intake at Halloween time.

What's your favorite family tradition for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

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healthy halloween
healthy halloween
healthy halloween

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