How To Have A Greener Summer in 5 Easy Steps

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure  here .

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure here.

Summer is all about enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.

However, trying to stay cool in the high temperatures can have a major impact on our environment.

From cranking up the air conditioner to grabbing plastic water bottles on the run, our environment can come second to having fun in the sun.

Here are a few tips to make your summer more eco-friendly and fun.

Use less energy

With summer comes more sunlight. Get the most out of these long summer days by turning off your lights during the day and opening your blinds for more natural light.

Chances are you’ll be spending more time outside or away from home during the summer, so be sure to unplug your electronics while you’re out.

Believe it or not, your devices drain energy even when they’re turned off.

Unplugging anything you’re not actively using such as phones, laptop chargers, or kitchen appliances will not only conserve energy, it’ll also save you a ton of money.

Start a green garden

Any produce you find at the grocery store must be shipped to you, which comes with a high eco-footprint.

Lessen your impact, while keeping your kids busy, by starting your own garden this summer.

Use organic fertilizers like manure or compost and chemical-free weed killers.

Having your own garden means you’ll have less waste, use fewer chemicals, and overall, save money by picking fresh vegetables straight from your garden.

Shop secondhand

>>Every year, 32 billion garments are produced for the United States market and 64% of them end up in landfills.<<

Rather than splurging on the latest styles at the mall, go thrifting instead.

Buying used means you’ll reduce your carbon footprint while keeping perfectly wearable clothing in the circular economy, extending their lifespan.

Thrift stores like thredUP offer a wide array of clothing from coveted brands like Madewell for low prices.

Build your summer wardrobe by shopping your favorite brands secondhand.

Or, if you’re wary about thrifting your entire wardrobe, try getting your summer accessories secondhand!

Most sunglasses are made from plastic which can’t be recycled. Extend the life of your next pair of sunglasses while protecting the planet by shopping secondhand for your next pair.

I’ve bought many pairs of shorts, many shirts and clothes for my daughter from thredUp. I’ve also requested a clean out kit which is where thredUp will send you a bag, you place clothes, shoes, accessories that you don’t want into and mail it back. You’ll get store credit for the items thredUp can resell and they’ll donate the rest.

Talk about a win-win!!

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Travel sustainably

Airline pollution is a serious issue and is only projected to get worse as more and more people start to travel with each year.

If you’re going on a trip this summer, choose to buy carbon offsets with your flight.

These are financial contributions to projects that compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions created by taking the flight.

Some airlines offer it as an optional add-on to your ticket, while other airlines have the offsets already included into the ticket price.

You can also consider spending the extra money to fly direct instead of multiple transfers. Flying direct is more energy efficient since takeoffs use up the most fuel.

Use reusable items

At your next summer barbecue, skip plastic wrap and opt for beeswax wrap instead.

Beeswax wrap is both reusable and compostable, made from materials you can feel good about including bee’s wax, jojoba oil, organic cotton, and tree resin.

Not to mention you can make it yourself!

Consider making the switch to reusable food bags instead. Although they are more pricey, you’ll save more money in the long run as you won’t have to keep buying Ziploc bags and you’ll also protect the planet.

These are super simple tips that you can start to use today. Let me know which one you like best.

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