4 Fresh Foods that are Easy to Grow in a Small Space.

This weeks post is by Mandi from BigTinySteps.com. Mandi used to 'suffer from chronic illness and mysterious unpleasant symptoms' until she decided to get 'really,truly healthy'. One amazing feat she has taken on is 'urban gardening' which basically means having a garden in a really small space and indoors because there's no space to have a big outdoor garden. She has shared this awesome post with us about some easy foods we can grow indoors! Enjoy!

With costs for food and housing rising around the world, more people are in the position of having to do more with less. Where I live, housing is scarce, and most available housing is either apartments or suites (upper and basement suites). This can be problematic for those of us who dream of having a garden, or are looking for ways to start growing their own food.


Why you should grow your own food:

Growing your own food solves two big problems that people face in the modern world:

  1. The cost of food is high and continues to rise
  2. There are additives and chemicals in food that we are exposed to as supermarket consumers

With this in mind, it is no wonder that the Grow Your own Food movement has become so popular.

Additional benefits to growing your own food are that it is environmentally sustainable, and helps you reconnect with nature and natural living.


Foods to grow in a small space:

Lets be real for a minute- if you live in a basement suite or tiny apartment with no access to a yard then you most likely will have trouble producing enough to cover all of your produce needs. However, every little bit is helpful and paves the way towards self sufficiency. There are a few things that you can grow at home with very little space or specialized care.

  • Herbs- Herbs can be fairly low maintenance and can be easily grown in containers. At my home we have started a mason jar windowsill herb garden. I have also seen examples of people growing herbs in terrariums that hang from the ceiling. This method would take up no floor or shelving space. Herbs are a great addition to recipes, drinks (hello Mojitos!) and even soaps or other handmade items. For these reasons, herbs are a great candidate for growing even in the smallest of spaces.


  • Green onions or other “regrown” Produce Items- Did you know that some food can be regrown from leftover stumps you would normally categorize as food waste? Until I started growing green onions in this manner, I was not aware of this. We used ours in our indoor aquaponic system, but it would be very easy to grow these in almost any type of small container you have available. One thing to note is that you should use organic green onions (or other produce such as lettuce or celery) if you are using this method. Regular produce is sprayed with chemicals to inhibit the sprouting while at the store, making the items more attractive to consumers. For this reason, I'd recommend using organic so your stumps may have more of a fighting chance at sprouting right off the bat.

  • Garlic and Onions- These initially start off as bulbs, so they can easily be grown in a container on a windowsill or anywhere else with access to light. In my house, garlic and onion are staples in most recipes so these take priority in our “what to grow” list.

  • Microgreens- If you haven't tried microgreens you need to get out and try them right now! They are visually appealing, flavorful, nutrient dense little sprigs of awesome. Microgreens are just regular greens that have been harvested before maturing, which means that they are fairly low maintenance and can be grown and harvested in no time at all. As long as you have them exposed to light they could grow on a shelf or a windowsill

So there you have it! You do not necessarily need to have very much space at all to start growing your own food indoors. You also do not need to have years of expertise or any gardening experience at all to be successful. Like most things, indoor gardening can be an exercise in trial and error. However this can be a great way to grow and learn something new, and with the benefits that growing your own food brings, I would say that it is more than worth it!

Do you have an indoor (or outdoor) garden? Tell us about it!!

Thanks for reading Mandi's post and be sure to visit her at BigTinySteps.com!

Peace, love and wellbeing -


Grow Food in small spaces
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