12 Awesome Eco Friendly Back-to-School Supplies You Need

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure  here . 

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure here

It’s back to school time already?! YES!!!! That means it’s also time for back to school shopping and back to school supplies and back to school clothes.

In addition to the regular school supplies like rulers, pens, erasers, scissors, etc - I’ve included some other necessities.

I used to love shopping for all things ‘back to school’ when I was a kid. As a parent, I realize that a lot of these items are so taxing on our environment and can potentially be harming our kids health (ie bleached paper, antibacterial hand sanitizer, artificial lip balm, etc)

Here are your 12 eco friendly back to school supplies list:

Lunch box -

Eco lunch box food containers are 100% plastic-free, waste-free, & BPA-free. Made from non-toxic stainless steel and silicone They have lunch boxes, snack containers, stainless steels or bamboo sporks, glass straws and cute bags. 

Click here for an Eco Lunch Box.

Water bottle -

Hydration is so important! Learn the most common signs of dehydration, how much water you should have in a day, what you can drink other than water here.

Also, we should be staying as far away from plastic water containers as possible! Even if plastic is BPA free, it most likely still contains chemicals like BPS and BPF (which are 200 times worse than BPA).

I was nervous to use glass water bottles at first, but those with the silicone sleeve on it are really hard to break. This Origin glass water bottle is amazing! It’s glass with a silicone sleeve and bamboo lid.



New clothes and backpacks -

New clothes and bags don't have to break the bankWhen you buy gently used clothing you’re saving yourself money and reducing your carbon foot print.

ThredUp is my FAVE online consignment store.  Making clothes creates a lot of waste! ThredUp has brand name clothing, shoes, and bags for women and children.

Click here for brand name clothes at a lower price.

Hand sanitizing spray -

Kids spread germs like wildfire! While germs aren’t all bad (read more about that here), there are times when a good hand sanitizer is handy.

As I shared in this post, most hand sanitizers on the market can be very harmful to our health. They’re filled with chemicals that disrupt our hormones, cause skin issues, and can contribute to cancer.

This is my favorite non-toxic hand sanitizing spray. It’s the perfect size for any backpack or purse.   


Upgrades on classics -

Pencils are a must for every student! These pencils do double duty because you can actually plant them when you can no longer write with them! Yup! When you’re done using these pencils you can stick them in some soil and grow herbs like basil, flax and thyme. I think that’s so cool! The original sprout pencil.

They also have colored pencils here


Another must have for all students: paper! Instead of using the bleached paper that is so taxing on the environment, opt for paper made from sustainable and/or recycled materials Like this eco friendly notebook that has a recycled chipboard for front and back, eco friendly paper.

Another great option for an eco friendly notebook is this one. It has 360 pages of college ruled sheets made with sugar cane paper.


Math set -

Here's an eco friendly math set.  Set Includes: 1 Bamboo 6 inch/ 15 cm ruler, 1 triangle (45-45-90 degrees), 1 triangle (30-60-90 degrees), and 1 4” protractor. Also includes 1 compass, 1 divider, 1 craft paper pencil, 1 craft paper red pencil, wood pencil sharpener, and a non-toxic eraser.     They use a wide variety of materials such as ‘recycled materials to bamboo, stone, corn starch, sugar cane, biodegradable and natural fabrics’.

They also have this kit with 3 retractable pens, medium tip (1 mm), black ink, made from recycled milk cartons; plus 10 pencils with white eraser, made from recycled newspaper, round body, pre-sharpened, 3 erasers with paper sleeve, made from recycled rubber, assorted colors, PLUS a double pencil sharpener, casing made from 100% bamboo. All in a burlap bag  

Tablet/phone case -

While this product isn’t technically ecofriendly, it is important. Most kids nowadays (I feel so old saying that) have cell phones and tablets that they carry with them all the time.

The EMF’s that are emitted from these devices can cause major health issues. Read more about EMF dangers here. An EMF protector is just what we all need to protect our selves. Safe Sleeve has very stylish cases that protect against EMFs. Like this gray phone case or Black ipad case     


Lip Balm/Lotion -

I personally feel that lip balm and lotion are a must have for all bags. I have lip balms and lotions in all my bags and all over my house!

Most lip balms and lotions contain super harmful ingredients like parabens, fragrance, artificial flavor and more. Learn how to have Beautifully Safe Skin here

This lip balm is made with all natural and all organic ingredients. They even offer a discount when you buy multiple products.

My favorite store bought lotion is Weleda skin food. You can also check out my video for DIY lotion here (it’s super easy!).

Makeup -

Most makeup on the market contains the same harmful chemicals as lip balm and lotion...parabens and fragrance. Plus many many more chemicals.

If your child wears any kind of makeup, you’ll want to buy the cleanest least toxic makeup available! Be Pure Beauty is a one stop shop for all non-toxic beauty items. 


So there you have 12 amazing back to school items that will also help your health and the environment.


I’d love to see these items in your kids backpack so take a pic and use #HDMhealth!

Peace and wellness -


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