How To Get Your Home Ready For The School Year

Ahhh back to school time. Time for parents to rejoice and breath a momentary sigh of relief. Until we realize we have to get back into the routine of making lunches, being on a schedule while fitting in all the kids activities.

One thing that tends to fall to the wayside during school time is organization! With all the backpacks, homework, folders plus all the toys, games, etc...the house can look like a tornado whizzed through!

Thanks to this guest post from Ashley at A Day In The Life Of Mom, we've got your back to school organization tackled!

Organizing for Back to School

Back to school season is quickly arriving and with that comes the need to get organized.

Between the house and the kids along with work and married life, organizing for back to school may sound like an overwhelming thing to deal with right now.

Reality is that organizing for back to school isn’t all that hard, you can do this with just a few tips that I’m sharing today.

The Kitchen

This seems to be the most popular area of our home during back to school season.

Between the quick breakfast to the after-school snack options before homework and everything in between.

The best way to organize your kitchen for back to school is to designate a specific area where you’ll place after school snacks.

This can be a glass container full of the week’s snacks or a cupboard that’s strictly for after-school snack options.

Have one area set up with bowls and anything else that’s needed for back to school breakfast.

This will ensure that everyone has quick access to get breakfast in their belly before school.

Family Room

Make a rule that the family room and dining room will be free of back to school clutter.

If your children do homework at the dining room table, be sure they know to pick their school stuff when done.

Designate specific areas of the home such as the family room for unwind time only.

This helps keep the peace during stressful back to school season while also ensuring at least one room in the home stays free of clutter.

Be sure to set the family room up in a way that allows for some family time at the end of the night, so that you can enjoy bonding moments during back to school chaos.

Homework Area

Set up one area in the home where you’ll keep homework supplies. This will be an area where pencils, crayons, and paper will be kept for quick access during homework time.

You could set up a corner shelf with supplies and have containers for specific supplies for quick access during homework time.

This will also ensure the children know where to put stuff back when done with homework.

Having a homework area set up will keep homework time this back to school season running smoothly. There won’t be any wasted time looking for a pencil or other homework supplies.

Hopefully, I’ve shared enough ideas for organizing for back to school to help you get started on the right foot this back to school season. It’s a fun time of year but I understand it can be stressful due to the change in routine from sweet, relaxed summertime to stricter school schedules.

Thanks Ashley for the awesome tips!  To read more on parenting and relationships please visit A Day In the Life of Mom.

Did you find these tips useful? Does your house become a disaster zone during the school year? Let me know in the comments!

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