9 Amazing Items You Need to Have a Toxin Free Summer

This post contains affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure  here .

This post contains affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure here.

Summer is practically here! You’ve been eating healthy and exercising so that you look and feel amazing in that cute bathing suit! You have fun beach days and maybe even a vacation planned.

Before you start to pack your bag with all your summer must haves, take stock of the items you’re currently using.

Do they contain toxic ingredients that could ruin your summer by causing negative health issues?

Most conventional products available today can cause issues like hormone imbalance (ie irregular periods, infertility), cancer, skin issues, respiratory issues, obesity, behavioral problems, mood swings and more.


Let’s cover some beach bag must haves that are non-toxic!



Most sunscreen on the market contains nano size particles of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which can absorb into the skin and cause some of the negative health issues I mentioned above.

They can also contain fragrance (code for hundreds of chemicals), PABA, benzophenone, oxybenzone and more harmful ingredients.

To avoid these and the potentially harmful side effects they can cause, read labels and avoid any of the above mentioned ingredients.

An added worry with sunscreens is the major damage being done to coral reefs. ‘Scientists predict that about 90% of the world’s coral will be threatened by 2030’. Learn more here.

Another thing to remember with sunscreen is that we need Vitamin D and our main source of Vitamin D is through exposure to sunshine!

If we’re constantly blocking the sun from getting to our skin, we could end up being deficient in Vitamin D which can lead to things like depression. I saw this frequently during my years as a RN on inpatient psychiatric units.

According to WebMD, vitamin D deficiency can also lead to asthma, cancer, cognitive decline and cardiovascular issues (source).

The amount of time spent in the sun depends on your skin pigment. The lighter your skin, the shorter amount of time it will take for you to start using the sun for Vitamin D (and it will take a shorter amount of time for you to burn). If your skin pigment is darker, it will take you a longer amount of time in the sun to get Vitamin D. 

My non-toxic sunscreen recommendations:

  • Goddess Garden (here)

  • Earth Mama Organics (here)

  • Babyganics (here)


Insect Repellent

Bug bites suck! They itch and some insects can carry weird diseases. However, some insect repellents can be even worse than a bug bite! 

Many insect repellents contain DEET. There have been some common negative effects of DEET reported such as 'rashes, skin irritation, numb or burning lips, nausea, headaches, dizziness and difficulty concentrating...Duke University pharmacologist Mohamed Abou-Donia...found that frequent and prolonged DEET exposure led to diffuse brain cell death and behavioral changes, and concluded that humans should stay away from products containing it.' (source)

Be aware of 'fragrance' in insect repellents as well. Fragrance is known to contain hundreds (possibly thousands) of chemicals to make up that good smelling product. The chemicals in 'fragrance' are known to cause hormone imbalance, skin issues, cancer and more.

My non-toxic insect repellent recommendations:

  • TerraShield essential oil blend (here)

  • Babyganics insect repellent. (here)


Lip Balm

Lip Balm is a definite MUST HAVE in my purse, beach bag, pocket at all times! I hate dry or sunburned lips. 

Lip balm can contain parabens, phthalates, artificial color and flavor, and fragrance.

We do NOT want our skin coming into contact with any of  those ingredients! Especially with lip balm...it goes right on our lips which we end up getting into our mouth and ingesting. 

These ingredients cause endocrine disruption, skin issues, systemic inflammation, cancer, mood disorders and more.

Don't fret! There are plenty of non toxic lip balm options available! And the awesome thing is that non toxic lip balm is inexpensive so it's an easy switch. 

Some great non-toxic lip balm options are:

  • Makes 3 Organics Lip Balm Tin in Orange Vanilla here

  • Dr. Bronner's Organic Lip Balm 4 pack here

  • Farmstead Apothecary Lip Balm in Boysenberry Vanilla here

There are many more amazing non toxic brands out there! When choosing a lip balm be sure to avoid any of the above mentioned ingredients.


Comfy after clothes

I love being able to change into some clean clothes after a day at the  beach or pool!

The only bummer is that clothes often contain chemicals like formaldehyde, parabens, PFCs and BPA which are linked to hormone imbalances, cancer, skin irritation and much more.

Unfortunately, clothing without the chemicals can get pretty pricey so I like to make sure that the clothing closest to my body (ie like my undies and bra) is organic.

My favorite brand, that is also pretty affordable, is PACT. They’re clothes are organic, free from those nasty chemicals and SO comfy!

This basic pack of undies is a must (or thongs). I like to layer my tops and the bottom layer is always a cami. They also have this super cute pocket dress that would be super cute for a fun beach day!

Click here for 20% off and free shipping on your first order from PACT.


Feminine Care Products

Ok ugh! Nothing ruins a great beach day or vacation like Aunt Flow, but if she shows up we definitely need to be prepared and you guessed it….most feminine care products out there are incredibly toxic.

They also go right against some super sensitive areas of the bod that have mucus membranes which absorb chemicals faster than our regular skin.

We need to be extra careful of what feminine care products we’re using. Learn more about just how toxic these products can be here.

I recently started using a menstrual cup because I want to be non toxic AND environmentally friendly. What I love about Pixie Cup is they’re made of silicone (no plastic) AND they give a cup to a woman in need for each cup purchased. Check out the Pixie Cup here.

My non-toxic ‘that time of the month’ recommendations:

  • Seventh Generation Tampons (here)

  • NatraCare Tampons (here)

  • Pixie Cup (here)


Snack container

Snacks are a MUST when headed to the beach! Something about that air makes us hungry! We don’t want harmful foods like sweets, chips, or fries.

Instead pack some sliced apples, grapes, carrots, cucumber, or a low sugar RawRev bar (my favorite is the delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough). Get it here).

If you’re ready to take control of your sugar habit, click here for my free 5 step worksheet.

Try to stay away from plastic as much as possible. Even when it says 'BPA free', it still contains plenty of harmful chemicals that leach into whatever is inside. Instead use glass containers. These are my fave and they're the perfect size for snacks!


Cute accessories

Of course you'll need some cute accessories....like the actual beach bag to put all these awesome items in, sandals, a clutch, a bathing suit, etc. 

Like I mentioned, buying organic clothing can get pricey, we can still have a positive impact on the environment (and our wallet) when we buy items that have been gently used.

My absolute favorite online consignment store is ThredUp!

I've bought several items from them and have never been disappointed. ThredUp has brand name clothes, shoes and handbags for women and children.

You can also request a bag to clean out your closet, ship it to them and then get store credit! Check out the hundreds of awesome products they have here. 


Water bottle

Staying hydrated is so important on hot summer days! 

PLEASE stay away from plastic! Your best bet is a glass water bottle with a silicon sleeve, like this one. I have a couple like this, have dropped them and they don't break!

Because water can get kinda boring or sometimes we just want something with taste to it, here is what I suggest:

Ultima Electrolyte Replenisher. My family's favorite flavors are Raspberry and Lemonade. So yummy, refreshing and naturally replaces electrolytes after a sweaty beach day.

Coconut water is AWESOME for replenishing electrolytes also. 


Good book

Aahhhhh - I can feel it now. Laying out in the warm sun, relaxing and reading a good book. That's my happy place!

If you like self help books, my two top faves are 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck' by Mark Manson and 'You Are A Badass' by Jen Sincero.

If you're more into romance, chick lit, mysteries, etc. - I love to get free books from BookBub. Check out their Facebook page for their daily free books!

If you love to listen to audio books, check out Audible from Amazon here. When you click here, you get a free 30 day trial of Audible with two free audio books. 


I hope you found this list super helpful! It's possible to have a fun day at the beach AND avoid toxins!

What is your favorite non-toxic summer product?

As we know better, we do better-

Please share your fave image below!

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