8 Amazing & Easy-to-use Apps for Health & Wellness

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People are on their phones a lot these days!! Why not put those smart phones to good use? Instead of wasting time on social media (I get sucked into the social media rabbit hole too), lets use our phones to help get ourselves healthier!!! Here's a list of my most favorite Health & Wellness apps!! They're all free to download, some have optional in app purchases.


Fooducate -

I love love love this app! There are several different functions in this app that are awesome! Fooducate has a Health Tracker where you're able to enter what you eat and drink throughout the day and it calculates your calorie consumption (I'm not a big fan of that part). You can track your activity level too.

I think the Food Finder section is my most favorite part! You're able to scan the barcode or enter the product in the search bar and the app gives you all the details about the food....nutrition information, how processed it is, if it contains artificial color and more with links to learn more.

The app grades food using the letter grades, A+ to F. Then it offers alternative foods that are much healthier options. There's a community where you can connect with others, a Healthy Recipe section, and Diet Tidbits with even more food information. All of that is FREE! If you want to upgrade, you can create a diet specific profile (ie dairy free, gluten free, etc) and even check out how pet food is graded! Check out the website here or download app for iOS here.

below are some screenshots that I took. I searched the food finder for 'thin mints'.

Some screenshots I took while on the Fooducate app. I searched for 'thin mints' in the food finder.

Some screenshots I took while on the Fooducate app. I searched for 'thin mints' in the food finder.

EWG healthy living -

This app is a must have for EVERYONE! EWG (Environmental Working Group) rates products from food to skin care items 1-10. 1 is a very safe product to use and 10 is ridiculously harmful! They have many ways of rating products such as possible allergens, chemicals, carcinogens, level of processing, etc. The app makes it easy to find out what the rating of a product is before you buy it! "The product health and safety ratings for over 200,000 food and cosmetics products are simply one click away". It's as easy as scanning the barcode! If it says the product can't be found, then type in the name of the product. EWG is adding more product barcode all the time! Browse the website here to find how some products you already own rate. Then download the app for iOS here  or Android here.


Real Plans -

This is an amazing meal planning website and app. There is a monthly fee, it's as low as $6/month. With Real Plans, you create a custom meal plan based on your schedule, your family, your specific diet, and more! Real Plans contains over 1500 recipes! Real plans can either create your entire meal plan for you based on the criteria you enter....or you can select the recipes you want and import your own recipes! With the app,  your meal plan, and more importantly, your shopping list is mobile!! Check out the website here, download for ios here, and android here.


Calm -

I mentioned this app in my post about Mindfulness. I love their website and app for iOS and for Android. The app and many meditations are free; however, we've switched to the paid subscription because we use it often and love what it offers!

There's a daily theme (ie rest, forgiveness), you can click the 'Breathe' button and it will help you take deep breaths, you can set a mindfulness reminder and it tracks your stats, it offers sleep stories to help you fall asleep. You're able to choose the soothing background noise (ie. Mountain Lake, Fireplace, Rain on Leaves, etc). Mine is set to mountain lake. Sometimes while I'm working on the computer (like right now), I just leave the soothing mountain lake noise up. Their mindfulness meditations are usually only about 10 minutes long. You can fit these in anywhere!


Below are some screenshots I took of the section that helps you take deep breaths, and the last screen shot shows some of the meditations available.

These are a couple screenshots from the calm app. the first two are of the area that helps you take deep breaths, the last shot is of some of the offered meditations.

These are a couple screenshots from the calm app. the first two are of the area that helps you take deep breaths, the last shot is of some of the offered meditations.

Grateful -

'A prompt based daily Gratitude Journal'. There is more and more research coming out about how positivity and gratefulness can improve our mental and physical health. This article from the Mayo Clinic suggests that practicing daily gratitude can help boost your energy, help you sleep better, and improve your mood.

This app will prompt you with questions such as "What made you smile today?" You can also create your own prompts. You're able to jot down random moments that resonated with you, you can also download a picture in the app. The Grateful app is free to download with optional in-app purchases. Get the Grateful app for iOS. I couldn't find this same exact app for Android, but here's something very similar.


Cody -

This is a fitness video training app. It's a free app and some workouts are free; of course, you can upgrade for a small fee. They have workouts from yoga to weightlifting and everything in between. You can access the workouts from your computer, tablet or phone. You can log your workouts as you complete them. You can also join the Cody community. Download for iOS. Explore more on their website.


Fitnet -

This app has over 200 free workouts that range from cardio to yoga, and everything in between. Some of the workouts are only 5-7 minutes. This app leaves you with no more excuses because workouts can be done anytime, anywhere! You're able to connect with a live personal trainer, log your workouts and have your selfie camera on so you're able to see how well you're doing! The app is free with optional in-app purchases on iOS.


Cozi -

So Cozi isn't technically a health or fitness app, but it's a necessary app in my household! Cozi has a calendar, lists, and recipes tabs. On the 'More' tab, you can keep a journal, keep track of birthdays, and more.

The BEST part of Cozi (the part that makes it a must have for me) is that you can sync it with another person!! My husband and I have our Cozi apps synced, which means that we enter both of our events on the calendar - I can see his schedule and he can see mine. When we create a list, we can both see it. We have a list for the grocery store and Costco (I also created a 'honey do' list :). We can both put items on any of these lists and we both see what's listed. With this app, we don't double book ourselves anymore and if one of us is just stopping by the store on our way home, we know what we need! Check out their website here, Download for iOS, and Android.


There are many more awesome apps out there that would help you improve your health & wellness. Let me know what your faves are!!

Peace, love and wellbeing!

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