How To Reduce Stress: 6 Ways To Be Less Stressed

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my affiliate disclosure here. 

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my affiliate disclosure here. 

Stress can definitely be considered a toxin because of the negative health issues it contributes to. So many of us are struggling to reduce our levels of stress.

Along with stressors like traffic, jobs, bills, kids, health, etc. We can also stress about stress! Talk about a vicious cycle.

I recently created a series of videos all about stress: how it impacts our health, ways to get to the root cause, and some tips to reduce stress.

Relieving stress doesn't have to be difficult. Watch the following videos and make one small change at a time.


Stress is 'bad for us'

How is it bad? What affects does it have on our health?

These are important things to know!

I cover why and how stress is so bad for us in this video:




Stop pointing fingers

We tend to blame other people, events, circumstances for our stress.

It's so easy to point the finger and blame our stress on things like traffic, family members, friends, complete strangers, spilled milk, and more.

But is it really the fault of others that you're stressed?

I cover that and which books can help you get to the source of your stress in this video:


Food can help!

Stress can be a result of mood swings or nutrient deficiency.

No part of our body, including our brain, can function properly if we're not giving it the foods it needs.

In this next video, I share some food that will help you reduce stress.



Dinner can be stressful

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when you are stressed. This will help you discover some of your triggers.

I've noticed a trigger for a lot of mom's are meals and not knowing what's for dinner.

The logical thing to do is meal plan! Meal planning doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult.

I share two easy ways to meal plan here:



Your screen can reduce stress

Our phones can be a HUGE source of stress.

Social media, texts, emails, phone calls and more. Having it all at our finger tips is convenient but can also be a time suck and an emotional roller coaster.

In this next video, I share how we can use our phones to help us REDUCE stress instead of add to it:



Stress reducing essential oils

If you follow me on Facebook, Pinterest or know I LOVE using essential oils!

I even have a video all about properly using essential oils here

So it's really no wonder that this next video is all about using essential oils to reduce stress.



You are officially ready with plenty of tips to start reducing your stress!

Snap a pic of your efforts, post them, tag me with #HDMHealth. I so look forward to see how you're kicking stress' butt!

Peace and wellness -


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how to reduce stress
how to reduce stress
how to reduce stress

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