How To Easily Heal Your Gut: 5 Amazing Foods

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure  here .

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure here.

Gut health and leaky gut is talked about more and more these days. And for good reason!

If we have poor gut health we have poor’s really that simple which is why healing the gut and maintaining good gut health is something I focus on for myself, my family and my clients.

Why is gut health so important?

Gut health has a big impact on our brain fog or lack of it due to the gut brain axis. Several studies show that our gut and our brain are in direct communication with each other via the vagus nerve.

Vagus nerve is longest nerve in our body that is crucial for many bodily functions.

There are many ways that poor gut health can contribute to brain fog but the biggest are inflammation and nutrient deficiency.

We know that poor diet leads to leaky gut, leaky gut leads to inflammation.

Plus poor gut health contributes to nutrient deficiency because our gut isn’t able to absorb what nutrients we are taking in.

One crucial factor that contributes to good or bad gut health is the bacteria we have in there.

I know a lot of us get freaked out about bacteria, but good bacteria is crucial for good health. We have slightly more bacterial cells than human cells which is why things like antibiotics and hand sanitizer can be so harmful to our health. (source)

You might also want to check out the post I have here which is titled ‘Is Being a Germophobe Making You Sick?’

I don’t say all of this to make you feel doomed or scared or overwhelmed. Knowledge is SO important. Knowledge will help us make better choices.

I’m here to help you feel empowered to take control of your health and your family’s health.

Know without a doubt that brain fog and your gut can be healed.

Foods are the foundation of great health.

So let’s get to some foods that can help you heal…

Fermented foods

Fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria that protect our gut lining, reduce inflammation, boost our immune system, contain high amounts of certain vitamins, and produce enzymes that can help us absorb more nutrients.

Since most of us are nutrient deficient, this is SO important!

For example, pickles have a high amount of vitamin K, tempeh has high amounts of B vitamins, and sauerkraut has large amounts of vitamin c.

While you’re in the beginning stages of healing your gut, avoid kombucha. Kombucha contains A LOT of sugar. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria and contributes to more inflammation. I’ve listed 10 places that sugar is hiding here.

While yogurt can contain good bacteria, you’ll want to avoid yogurt with high amounts of sugar and artificial flavor/color.

Finally, know that there’s a difference between the sauerkraut and pickles soaking in vinegar in the grocery and actual legit fermented sauerkraut and pickles. They both taste great, but only the truly fermented items have the beneficial bacteria. You can tell the difference by the ingredients. Fermented foods don’t contain vinegar, artificial colors or added flavor.

You can also easily ferment at home using a kit like this one.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is high in collagen which helps maintain and repair the lining of our gut. Collagen is also great for bone, skin and hair health. Bone broth made from the bones of clean animals is very important because a lot of toxins are be stored in bones.


Besides being yummy, artichoke contains sillymarin which is found in milk thistle - a great herb for liver health. Liver is one of our best detox pathways, toxins can lead to brain fog (among other health issues) which is why liver health is important.

Artichokes are also considered a choleretic. Choleretic’s stimulate our liver to produce more bile which again just helps us detox.

Artichoke’s also contain prebiotic fibers.

Prebiotics are necessary for maximum benefit of probiotics. Prebiotics are a fiber we can’t digest so they ferment in our gut and our good bacteria uses that for energy and they help maintain a healthy gut lining.


Garlic is great because it’s a prebiotic, natural antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-cancer, and helps prevent or combat the overgrowth of candida. Candida overgrowth can contribute to gas, bloating, brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, skin issues and more.


First let’s bust a couple myths - We were told for a very long time that fats and cholesterol in food created high cholesterol in humans. We know that cholesterol in food has little to no bearing on high cholesterol levels in us. (source)

Next myth - eating fat makes us fat. This is mostly false. I say mostly because it depends on the type of fats. Healthy fats are healthy and necessary. Those that are processed, rancid and oxidized are the bad for us fats.

Every cell in our body NEEDS healthy fats!

Butter is full of healthy fats. Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid in butter that are antiobesogenic, lower heart disease and stroke, anti-inflammatory, increase intestinal barrier function, can protect against certain colon cancers. (source)

Be sure to choose grass fed butter. Conventional butter does have the butyrate benefit; however, it also comes with antibiotics, growth hormone, and GMO feed residue that will create negative health effects over time.

If you’re sensitive to dairy, ghee is great.

So grill up some artichoke this summer and drizzle melted butter on it. Eat fermented garlic and get a double whammy with the fermented and the garlic. Sip on a cup of warm bone broth in the morning or before bed and you’ll start to notice, not only major relief from your brain fog, but many other improvements to your wellness.

Let me know in the comments if you’re currently working on healing your gut?

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As we know better we do better -


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