Wellness is achieved One Step at a Time!

I just wanted to send a reminder for all of us who get frustrated and down about the direction we are moving with any goal in life. I will direct this toward our nutrition, but this goes for any of our goals in life! Remember one simple little mantra…’One step at a time‘. Those of us who have kids, you know what I’m talking about. We get excited about our child’s first steps. We know they aren’t going to be huge leaps or that our child will instantly be running around the house. We are excited at their effort. We are thrilled with their ability to get up to try again and again while constantly improving.

This same idea should be our view on our own efforts. We should not get discouraged when our goals are not being met as quickly as we would like them to. We should instead celebrate each time we move in the direction of our goals, no matter how small that step in the right direction may have been.

My family's journey to wellness has been going on, one step at a time, for almost 6 years now! Some changes are easier to make than others, but they're all steps in the right direction. Celebrate every positive change you make! When I decided to cut out all refined sugar (which is definitely one of the harder changes to make), I would celebrate walking out of the store without a bag of cookies!

Try this the next time you are at the grocery store. Stay around the outter edges of the market. If there is something specific you need to go into a particular aisle for, then go in and celebrate a little victory inside yourself when you come out of that isle with only the item you needed!

Do not get discouraged if you go slip up and buy one item by the end of your shopping trip that you knew you shouldn’t have. Try instead to look at how much effort you put in by avoiding the usual old traps you would fall into! And when you leave the store, celebrate an even bigger victory knowing you stayed your course and bought only those items you needed and were healthy!

This is how you build yourself into a healthier, happier person, one step at a time. By practice. By reading one new label every time you go to the grocery store. By learning about one new ingredient a week. By looking up one new healthy recipe here and there. Before you know it you have amassed a solid base of knowledge to help you pick up and run where you once were stumbling around lost. And remember the most important thing of all…The whole journey starts with one simple little step - making the decision to be well!

Peace, love and wellbeing!

Brianne PruittComment