10 Ways to Practice Self Care as a New Mom

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure  here .

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure here.

Today's post is from the lovely Cassandra at VivFit! Cassandra is the perfect person to work with if you're a new mom looking to get coaching on nutrition and fitness.

Enjoy her post and then practice self care when you're done!

With so much talk about self-care lately, I wanted to make sure moms knew that they should be caring for themselves too! Put the mom guilt aside, and spend some time on YOU. You truly deserve to spend a little time on your own physical and mental health. I promise it will make you a better mama, wife, friend, and a happier person in general!

Taking time for your own self-care doesn’t mean taking five sleepy minutes at the end of a stressful day to watch a show you love or shove a brownie in your mouth. Self-care involves being mindful of your needs as a person, woman, mother, and partner.

There really is no harder time to make self care a priority than as a new mom, but it’s especially important at this crazy and chaotic time of life. Between sleep deprivation, and hormonal changes, and 24/7 mom-ing, you probably feel like all you do is GIVE GIVE GIVE. And let’s be honest you’re not wrong. This is why you should definitely put your needs first every once in a while. Self-care isn’t just about spa treatments and lounging, it is truly about making sure your emotional and physical needs are being met.

Here are 10 ideas for improving your self care as a new mom:

Treat yourself. Next time you are perusing amazon or target, treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting! Something that is just for you (and nothing that has to do with nursing bras or parenting books…)

Healthy meal planning. Think about simple meals you love or head over to pinterest for some inspiration and pin a couple 30 minute meals that require few ingredients. Then make a grocery list for a few meals you plan to make this week. Having the plan and food in the pantry is the hardest part!

Ask for help. Unfortunately no one can read your mind!  If you need help from a partner or friend- just ask! Chances are good there are plenty of willing people in your circle.

Outsource. Utilize grocery pick up or Amazon Fresh, a house cleaner or mother’s helper. Even just outsourcing one task a month can save time and make more time for YOU.

Get ready everyday. If you are a stay at home mom or work at home mom, take a few minutes each morning to put yourself together. Do what makes you feel good. If you feel comfy and at your best in yoga pants, slip on some leggings and tinted moisturizer and brush your hair. If you need a full face  of makeup, do it! The point is to do what makes YOU feel great. If you are ready to go in the morning, you are more likely to get out of the house which is great for both you and baby.

Join a group or team of likeminded women. Use Meet up or local facebook groups to connect with women who share the same passion as you. Think: sports teams, mom’s night out, coffee dates, hikes, mama and baby yoga classes, etc. The Peanut app is also a great option for meeting mom friends.

Positive Affirmations. Write down or type out a few positive affirmations that resonate with you. And repeat them daily.  Example: I am doing the best I can and letting go of the need to be perfect. My baby loves me and just needs love and attention from me.

Listen to Podcasts. Lonely days at home can make you feel a little crazy. Listening to podcasts about topics you love, motherhood, or even your favorite pastimes or hobbies can make you feel connected to others. Podcasts also help annoying cleaning work fly by! (I love the podcast Atomic Moms, click here for more of my favorites!)

Journal it out. Journaling is an excellent way to work through your feelings. Plus it can be done anywhere and doesn’t cost anything! I love journaling and writing affirmations before bed in order to clear my head and feel calm and relaxed before falling asleep.

Get Outside with a walk or hike. Enjoy nature and get some fresh air. Even a walk around the block with the stroller or baby carrier can be the perfect reset during a stressful day. Babies usually love it too!

About the author:

Cassandra is a nutrition coach and owner at VivFit. She loves helping new moms feel amazingly confident in their postpartum bodies.

When she’s not coaching or blogging, spends her days with her one-year-old daughter Elle and their bulldog, Buddha.

If you ever meet her in real life, there’s a 99% chance she will be wearing leggings. You can find out about her coaching programs and read more articles like this one on her website at www.vivfitness.com or follow along on social media @vivfitcoach on instagram and facebook for simple nutrition tips and motivation.

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