10 of the Best Non-Toxic Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure  here .

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure here.

Teacher’s work hard! I honestly don’t know how they do it! I would lose my shit with 20+ kids around.

I love showing my daughter’s teacher that I appreciate her SO much by giving her little gifts throughout the year.

You know I’m all about the non-toxic gifts! Especially for teachers...they’re around so many sick kids year round. I definitely don’t want to add to a poor immune system by giving toxic gifts.

So...here’s a list of awesome non toxic gifts that work as a back to school gift, teacher gift for the holidays, teacher’s birthday, teacher appreciation gift or end of school year gift.

Teacher could use a new cute handbag.

One that won’t break the bank for you. ThredUp is my FAVE online consignment store. The clothes and handbags themselves aren’t non-toxic; however, when you buy gently used clothing you’re saving yourself money and reducing your carbon footprint. Making clothes creates a lot of waste! ThredUp has brand name clothing, shoes, and bags for women and children. Shop ThredUp here.

Non-Toxic hand sanitizing spray.

Kids spread germs like wildfire! While germs aren’t all bad, there are times when a good hand sanitizer is handy. As I shared in this post, most hand sanitizers on the market can be very harmful to our health. They’re filled with chemicals that disrupt our hormones, cause skin issues, and can contribute to cancer. This is my favorite non-toxic hand sanitizing spray. It’s made with essential oils and all It’s the perfect size for any backpack or purse.  

E-book to boost Immune System.

I created a free short e-book with my 7 proven tips to naturally boost your immune system. I’m sure teachers would LOVE to know how to prevent the common cold and flu. Send her this link where she can get my list of 7 natural ways to boost your immune system.

Bath Salts

How about some calming bath salts? I honestly think a teacher’s job (especially the younger grades) has to be one of the most stressful jobs out there! Get the calming bath salts (and other non toxic beauty items) here.

DIY Sugar Scrub
DIY sugar scrub is one of the easiest DIY projects out there! And every female seriously loves getting this as a gift! Check out my video where I show you how to make sugar scrub here.

Non toxic nail polish

Most nail polishes contain harmful chemicals like parabens, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, TPP and toluene. These chemicals are known to disrupt our hormones and contribute to cancer.

Sophi is one of my fave brands! Click here for a set of 4 gorgeous Sophi nail polishes.

Zoya is another one of my favorite brands. Click here for Zoya. (Side note: Zoya’s nail polish remover is also my favorite non-toxic remover).

Learn more about how to have Beautifully Safe Skin here.  

Double Insulated Cup

Your child’s teacher would totally love a non toxic stainless steel double insulated cup that can keep her coffee hot all day (or iced, depending on how she likes it). These Healthy Human Tumbler’s fit the bill! They also come in a variety of amazing colors. I’ve used these and my drink was cold alllll day in Lake Havasu, AZ where it was over 100 degrees.

You could even put together a little kit with the hand sanitizing spray and nail polish inside the tumbler!

You'll also love these.png


Maybe teacher would like some wine to wind down at the end of a long day. Unfortunately, most wine contains tons of sugar, pesticide residue and sulfites. We don’t want to give that junk to anyone! Dry Farm Wines has organic, low sugar, no sulfite wines. Check them out here


Who doesn’t like candy?! Get teacher some candy that doesn’t contain artificial flavor, color, refined sugar and other junky ingredients that harm her health. Check out Natural Candy Store here. Natural Candy Store even has sugar free and vegan options.

For a male teacher

A funny gift that also works really well for men teachers is Poo-Pourri. Yes you read that right. It’s a non toxic bathroom spray. Their sprays contain ‘no harsh chemicals, aerosol, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde’. Click here to get some Poo-Pourri.

I hope this post gave you some great ideas to give your child’s teacher the non-toxic gift they deserve!

If you have other ideas, I would love to hear them! Share them in the comments.

Show me what your child’s teacher is getting by snapping a pic, posting to social media and using #HDMhealth.

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