10 Epic Healthy Habits: How To Live Your Best Life

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure  here .

This post may contain affiliate links. Find my affiliate disclosure here.

I used to think of healthy living as difficult, boring, and that it consisted only of exercising and eating well.

Over time I’ve come across many people who hold the same beliefs that I used to while others  think of healthy as being on a diet, being thin, or taking a certain supplement.

‘Healthy living’ can look different for each of us in some areas. For example, there is no one type of diet (ie paleo, keto, vegan, etc) or type of exercise that is good for everyone.

However, there are some simple practices that I whole heartedly believe we should ALL be practicing! As I’ve honed in on my healthy living practice and worked with clients to develop their best healthy practices, I’ve come across some practices that are useful to all of us.

I’ll share 10 of those practices here today.

  • Use essential oils

Essential Oils are AMAZING and I personally can’t imagine my life without them. I consider them an essential tool (<-- pun intended 😁) in my wellness toolbox.

These are easy to use daily because they help improve so many areas of our life...our mood, health, immune system, detoxing, sleep, hormone balance, etc.

If you find essential oils overwhelming, click here for my Essential Oils 101 video. I break down the basics like how to use them properly, the most important factor to look for when choosing essential oils, and more.

  • Journal

I used to think journaling was too woo-woo for me. Plus I felt like I would have no idea what to even journal about.

Then one day I just started to journal and I was amazed at the stuff that came out!

I now encourage my clients to journal in order to help them break through certain beliefs and fears that are holding them back from achieving their wellness goals.

You don’t need a fancy expensive journal, I got a cute notebook for $4.

I find it’s easiest for me to journal at night, right before I go to bed.

Play around with journaling at different times of the day to find what works best for you.

  • Eat clean

Ok I had to throw this one in because I consider clean eating to be a foundational healthy practice.

Clean eating is like the bottom part of the healthy living pyramid - we need that in place in order to build on it.

Learn more about clean eating here.

  • Laugh

Laughing is so good for us! We get a rush of all the good hormones, it helps us build a great bond with the people we’re laughing with. It just feels good!

Yet so many people don’t laugh enough. We’re too caught up in the negativity of media and social media, or we’re anxious and worry a lot.

My brain used to be in such a fog that I would completely miss moments that were funny. Be present when you’re with others, let go of stress and all the things on your to-do list, and just laugh.

  • Look up

This  may sound silly, but it’s one of my favorite super simple things to do. It started because one day I noticed that I looked down a lot. I looked down at my phone, I looked down when I walked, I looked down to avoid eye contact with others.

That day I just stopped where I was and looked up. What I noticed was the beauty that was above me...the sky and trees.

I was able to pay attention to my breathing and intentionally began deep breathing. I very quickly felt lighter and my mood improved significantly.

I also started looking people in the eye and smiling, but now I notice a lot of others look down to avoid eye contact like I used to.

  • Avoid fragrance

We’re exposed to so many toxins these days which wreak havoc on our health. There can be upwards of thousands of chemicals in everyday products that we’re using on ourselves and our kids.

To make avoiding toxins easy, I always suggest to avoid all fragrance.

Chemicals in fragrance are known to disrupt our hormones, contribute to weight gain and cancer, cause skin issues and more.

So begin looking at the lotions, shampoo, cleaning products, etc that you use and if you see fragrance listed on the ingredients - replace it with a safer option.

If you’re ready to learn more tips to reduce the toxins in your skin care products, click here.

  • Watch your sugar intake

Oh sugar! It’s yummy, it’s everywhere and it’s so bad for us. Consuming too much sugar contributes to chronic inflammation, hormone imbalance, mood swings, behavioral issues, weight gain, growth of cancer and more.

The maximum RDA (recommended daily amount) of sugar is 11g for kids (less for younger kids), 25g for women and 36g for men.

Look at the labels of the foods you’re eating, drinks you’re drinking and you may be shocked! I was shocked when I first began to add up the amount of sugar I was consuming in a day. And trying to get our sugar habit under control when we have sugar cravings can be really difficult! It’s like the cravings take over our brain and willpower!

If you’re ready to take control of your sugar habit, click here for the free worksheet I created.

  • Do something just for you

As mom’s and women, we’re constantly giving to others and doing for others. We need to be sure to take the time to do something nice for ourselves.

That could be a walk around the block, reading your fave book for 5-10 minutes, getting a massage, having lunch with a good friend, taking up a hobby.

This is so important because it gives us the fuel we need to keep giving and doing for others.

  • Take good quality supplements

Today, supplements are necessary because the food we’re eating lacks essential nutrients. This article shares a study that was done over 50 years which showed a steady decline in nutrients in our produce.

Unfortunately, most of the supplements available today are full of synthetic chemicals, harmful fillers, artificial flavor/color, and even sugar.

The key is to look for a supplement that has food listed in the ingredients. Find some of my favorite supplements here and here’s a short video about my top 3 daily supplements.

  • Have fun!

There are way too  many things we stress over and worry about. Be intentional about doing something fun each day!

I hope this list shows you that healthy living isn’t difficult or boring.

Which of these do you already implement? Which new tip will be the one you’ll start to practice? Let me know in the comments.

As we know better, we do better-


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