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Increase Energy, HippieDippieMom Health Coach

Hi! I'm Bri


I help mom’s be the mom they’ve always dreamt of being. Having endless energy, being happy more often than not, and having the confidence to raise healthy kids.


I believe in living your best life ever.

I believe that mom’s should stop suffering with fatigue, scattered thoughts, overwhelm and sick kids.
I believe that mom’s should have energy all the time.

I believe we are designed and are able to feel awesome every day.
I believe that we can feel happy and in control of our emotions most of the time.

I believe that all mom’s deserve to be the amazing mom’s we dream of being!
I believe that our kids should rarely be sick.


I know that it can be hard to put ourselves first. You probably tend to feel guilty spending time and/or money on yourself. BUT our kids and significant others need us to be happy and healthy, which is very hard to accomplish if we’re last on our list. It’s like flight attendant’s tell us…’You must first put on your own air mask SO THAT you’re able to help others’.


I value

I’ve noticed many mom’s seriously lack the confidence, that used to come so naturally to us, to raise a healthy family. We know our family better than anyone out there! No degree is necessary to have a healthy and happy family.


I value differences

While there are practices we should ALL have in place to create a happy and healthy life, we are all different. We need to get back to the basics of listening to our body, because it is constantly communicating with us.


 I value

One of my favorite sayings is ‘I don’t sugar coat my food or my words’. I feel like beating around the bush wastes your time and also creates confusion. Let’s get straight to the point so you can feel amazing fast!


I value

My definition of wellness is feeling energetic and happy, not taking medication, being present and thinking clearly, cooking for myself and remembering important moments until my last breath while teaching my daughter how to do the same.


 More about Bri

I was unhealthy for most of my life. I didn’t really know it until I began to get healthy. It’s amazing how we adapt to whatever is happening in our life.

I suffered with migraines, infertility, anxiety, depression, brain fog and more well into my 30’s. I would often think to myself ‘Why is this happening?’ ‘Why do I feel this way, but others don’t?’

I wasn’t satisfied with answers like ‘It’s genetic’ or ‘This is something you’ll just have to live with’.

I also knew it wasn’t all in my head.

But I had no idea of what to do!


It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my daughter in 2011 that I really began to question more and more. We become very aware of our bodies when we’re pregnant! I began to notice that the cleaning products I was using were making me lightheaded.

I thought that can’t be good for me or the baby I’m carrying.


So I began to do research...which led me down a crazy and overwhelming rabbit hole.

But I decided to begin making simple swaps to my daily choices, and I noticed that everything I had been suffering with for years was going away.

I have been a Registered Nurse since 2009. As I was learning things like 95% of all disease is preventable, I became less and less passionate about pushing the western diet and broken healthcare style on others. So in 2016, I attended IIN where I completed the certificate program to become a Health Coach.


I remember the first time I heard the term ‘brain fog’. I thought ‘YES!! That’s what I have!’.


I felt just like I was always in the thickest fog. I knew there was more beyond the fog, but couldn’t get to it.

Brain fog was preventing me from being the energetic, happy mom that I thought I would be. It was frustrating!

Having both suffered with brain fog and now being rid of it, is what drives me to help you. I know what it’s like to suffer with it. BUT I also know, without a doubt, that you don’t have to suffer - you can think clearly, have energy, be happy, sleep well, etc.


I now focus on helping mom’s bust through their brain fog because I remember how debilitating it was for never be able to think clearly, always feel tired, and have a quick temper with my loved ones.


I want you to feel confident in making the choices that will create healthy and happy kids.

I believe in ease. We make life way to hard! Let’s kiss (keep it simple silly) health.

I believe in living your best life ever. full of energy, happiness, and great moments.

I know that it’s possible to have your dream #momlife.